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About us

ByBug® merges the natural process carried out by insects in the environment,with technology, to achieve the system ofmost profitable, sustainable and efficient treatment of organic waste in the world.


Insect Modules™:We use insects, inside modular units 12m long by 2.5m wide, to treat any type of organic waste, in the same place where it is generated, turning it into organic fertilizer and insect protein. All this, through a negative carbon process that allows the client not only to reduce the environmental impact generated by their process to zero, but also to monetize the environmental contribution, through traceability to generate and market carbon credits.


SynBugs™: We also have a biotechnological platform that, leveraged on synthetic biology, allows us to add even more value to the by-products of the process, turning them into recombinant proteins (edible vaccines for animals, enzymes for industrial use, among others).

Mariposa posada sobre una flor


At ByBug®, through the use of synthetic biology, we want to transform organic waste into the next generation of raw materials that allow us to achieve a sustainable global productive matrix, before 2050.

Directiva ByBug

Jose_del solar sin fondo_edited.jpg

Jose del Solar

 Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Troncoso 2023_edited_edited.jpg

Daniel Troncoso

Chief Technology Officer

Rocio espinosa_blanco y negro.jpg

Rocio Espinosa

Chief Operating Officer


Gerardo Bluske

Chief Business Officer

Our team

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Pablo Zamora


Alan Farcas


Ariel Gringaus

Our SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals

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